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At Coach House Iron, we take your concept and bring it to life through meticulous measurement, cutting, welding, and finishing. We are committed to delivering exceptional service tailored to each client’s unique needs.

In 1987, brothers Michael and Herb Bergstrom founded Coach House Iron out of a small garage in Rockford, MI. They started off creating primarily ornamental metal structures, such as porch rails, hall and baker’s racks, and has evolved into its current business model which serves clients who need metal furniture parts, posts, beams, staircases, and miscellaneous custom steel fabrication in the residential construction and industrial spaces. Over the years, they built a very loyal customer base. Those customers have complete trust in Coach House Iron as a result of their excellent reputation. Many of the contractors that we work with refer to the one brother as ‘Iron Mike’. So our Iron Mike is the OG. The other Iron Mike (Mike Tyson the boxer) was just starting in boxing when Coach House Iron began.

Since 2016, the owners of Precision Machine & Fabrication, Inc. (PMFI), Aarron & Ren Antcliff had been looking for a building to house their machining business in. After years not being able to find anything suitable, they thought perhaps they should look at buying and existing business that came with a building. In the summer of 2022, an email came through that caught their attention. It mentioned two brothers nearing retirement looking to sell their fabrication business. The word ‘fabrication’ is in PMFI’s name, so they decided to check out Coach House Iron. There were several buyers interested in Coach House Iron; however, Herb and Mike decided that Aarron & Ren would be the best match. The deal closed in April of 2023. Shortly thereafter PMFI moved their CNC machinery to the CHI building. Right away there were items that each company could do in order to assist the other and make projects come together smoother.

We are looking forward to many years of continuing the outstanding reputation that Mike & Herb established. We are very honored that they selected us to carry on their business name.

Aarron & Ren Antcliff


1005 9 Mile Rd NW
Sparta, MI 49345