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One of the things that Coach House Iron (CHI) is known for is the fabrication of Dumpster Gates. We make a fair amount of them for restaurants. Next time you are in the drive through, look around for their dumpster or trash container. Most restaurants like to hide them (project the best image, right?). Dumpsters can be unsightly, so it’s best to hide them. That is where CHI comes in. We also make them for other establishments. 

Our most recent set of gates was installed today in Grand Haven. We were hired to fabricate a set of dumpster gates for a condo association that is across from the channel in Grand Haven, real close to the State Park entrance. I think our guys did a great job and the gates look really nice. I hope the builder that hired us as well as the residence like them. I know, they are just gates to hide trash, lol. Calm down, Aarron.

Enjoy the pictures and the next time you see a hidden trash dumpster, perhaps you may think of us, lol.